Bob Gibeling

Candidate for the Georgia House
of Representatives, District 54
Gibeling20140916WebFrom the Heart of Buckhead


Bob Celebrates His Birthday
In Buckhead



Bob Gibeling with Georgia State Representative Simone Bell and community activist Harry Harkins, Jr.


Bob Attends Fundraising
Event in Midtown Atlanta


Bob Gibeling with Georgia State Representative Simone Bell and community activist Harry Harkins, Jr.


Bob Gets Key Endorsement
Qualifies to be on the Election Ballot


Bob qualifies with Rebecca DeHart, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Rebecca is a great friend who supervised my first campaign flyer, which features me with a peach, to symbolize a fresh style of leadership,” states Bob Gibeling. Read more on the News page.


Successful Business Career
Man of Faith
A Lifetime of Service to Others

Dear Friends:

As a native Atlantan and homeowner in this district for 31 years, I am running to bring a fresh style of leadership to this amazing Buckhead community. I know the values of our community based on my business experience and faith based background. We can  find common ground that will make Georgia government work for us and rejecting the extreme positions that are not representative of this district at all. The support I have gotten from my friends, neighbors and elected officials urging me to run has been truly an inspiration to me. They know I care deeply about Atlanta and helping people.

I will work hard to support laws that protect women’s health and safety. I will be a strong advocate for quality education in public schools. And I will work with businesses and faith communities to build an economy that provides equal opportunities for everyone to succeed.

IMG_6195CroppedI have seen and been part of remarkable changes in Atlanta…..public school integration, Civil Rights demonstrations, the response to AIDS, skyscrapers, the opening of Lenox Square, professional sports, stadium construction and the 1996 Olympics to name a few. What have I learned from being part of this community for so long? Don’t fear change but work to direct it for the greatest good in the future.  I will reach out to all the people of the 54th District and listen to everyone’s concerns. When proposed laws just don’t make any sense,  or if they would harm our neighborhoods, turn a deaf ear to women’s health and safety, or make it more difficult for people or businesses to climb the ladder of economic opportunity I will be your strong voice of reason. I’ll support solutions that work, based on common sense, science, experience and reality.

IMG_6159WebThis is a community that can be an inspiration to the whole State of Georgia by showing how we can reach across party, faith, gender, racial, sexual orientation and economic lines to help move us forward together. I’ll use my unique local background of business experience, faith based non- profit work and effective legislative advocacy within the Lutheran Church at all levels to build these bridges of understanding.

Join me in this opportunity to make a difference. Take a look at my personal story on the next page and think about how you can help or share your insights. Then choose how you would like to be part of this campaign to take a strong stand for a better quality of life, today and tomorrow.

Bob Gibeling

Independent Thinking Democrat
Finding Practical Solutions